StarCraft Starcraft II - Information on the New Game


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Aug 15, 2012
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This was originally written around 2008

You might (and if you’re visiting Battleforums, no doubt you have) have heard of the sequel to one of the most popular RTS (Real Time Strategy) games of all time being announced, StarCraft II, but don’t know all the information?

Well no worries, I have done the research for you and compiled it all together, the following is some general information over StarCraft to allow you to learn a bit more about one of the most anticipated sequels ever.

First off, what is StarCraft? StarCraft was a Sci-fi style RTS involving a storyline about alien-bug invasions, Supreme (and powerful) beings, and Human space-military all clashing together in a giant war. StarCraft is a huge strategy game, and all three races, Terran, Zerg, and Protoss are back with more devastating weapons and vehicles than ever before, including the entire original unites as well. StarCraft fans have literally waited years for the release of this hit games sequel, and only a few months ago, they all got their answers.

StarCraft II revamps the original game play with an all new graphics engine, allowing for beautiful landscapes and monster battles with tons of units, but the fun does not stop there, Along with StarCraft II, the (online service) will be completely revamped with new and exciting features to enhance the online play even more. But don't worry all you fan boys, the campaign will pick up where its predecessor left off, giving you more storyline, allowing for unlimited enjoyment for everyone.

Also, they have worked very carefully to keep the balance between races. No matter if you prefer to Zerg Rush your enemy, or attack from afar with an army of siege tanks, everything will be completely balanced, as always, allowing for a fair game play for all, but at the same time, they have worked extra had to ensure that each race plays very different as far as planning and style goes.

Blizzard also plans to ensure that everyone, no matter where you live, can enjoy the experience that is StarCraft II, They plan to release the game in a world wide release, though they have not given exact targeted regions, judging from past experience, this means you can expect to have your hands on a copy regardless of your location.

People are drooling over the new StarCraft II game, exclusive to the PC, and they have good reason, soon it will no longer be a dream, but a reality, and as every fan boy knows, the game itself suggests....

Hell, it's about time.
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