Starcraft II Hacks


Eating the souls of children
[spammy post]


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Why don't you just remove any links with hacks including your sig? What is this? 2004? People now play the game and do lots of games, I can see how the level of SC2 gets higher and higher, people actually play than try to do bs of that kind.

You will get caught, you will get banned and it's not like war3 where you can get 10k keys.., you will still suck. Oh gawd, some people don't move on... noob 4life. You've always been a retard in war3, if you are a retard in SC2 then stay in bronze-platinum and gtfo with this crap. This is one of the reasons I dislike these forums since the beginning, tards who can't play don't even make any effort to learn anything, just want it to be delivered to them freely, by any means, and you are killing the fun and hard work of those who actually make an effort... L2P or don't play you retard..


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I trully laughed out loud. What a proper BF pearl.


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Turns out he was just advertising his site since that would attract haxors and his site has no hax at least on those links. Well then I aim my message to all noobs who come here for hax.. Im thy Lord. I will destroy you if you disobey.


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What?! And more did I miss this thread...

Can anyone verify that the hacks in his signature are actually hacks or?


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I clicked the link in his signature but I can't tell if it's just a registration scam or possibly real.

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lol just as planned
they need to register to download.


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it's spam to get our members to register on his forum. If he didn't have so many posts he would be loosing an index finger right now. But I plan on editing the post, and his sig, but do want him to stay around
Is it even worth it to hack this game? From what you see on the internet, Blizzard has been sort of crack down heavy on cheating.