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Hi, I'm new to starcraft map making (started a week ago(before that I just edited maps)) and I'm wordering if anybody would wanna help me make a Starcraft Hero Arena map....
theres already a starcraft tournament which is probably like what u want to make, but here we dont help u make maps get off ur lazy ass make your own we can just help with problems you run in to :)
now now botting, were not that mean, we usually ask if u need help and then we just don't do anything. but I think there already is a hero arena out..I made one when I was a n00b but it was shiet and the teleport didn't work


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SC hero arena isn't as fun as WC3 one is because you can't gain spells (well sorta, but not really good ones), you can't level up, there aren't items...ect....

I would just think of a new design or something.

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Well I'm thinking of making it so that you can sorta lvl up like whenever you kill a certain ammount of creatures you gain like [X] of life and do [X] more dmg


just post up here if you ever need help doing anything.

you can start with 5% life of a high number, then 10%, and so on to increase health. for increasing damage and armor, have 1 mineral and 1 gas upgrades.

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Well actually for increasing dmg and armor I beleive I saw a trigger that I could use....

Edit : and about having help with the map what I really meant was if some other people would like to have a part in making this map


I don't like that map it's really boring you should make an RP or Bound or something just make sure it's good there's too many terrible bounds and RPs.

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lol just as planned
i dont like arena maps thery all the same