StarCraft Ghost or Diablo Assassin?

Which game would you rather see come out first?

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Yes but the gameplay of Diablo is somehow related to WOW, and I don't think that there are many things to improve in this type of game. When Diablo appeared of course it was the best, when Diablo 2 appeared everybody was impressed, but now what can be new about this game?


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diablo for life ****** bitch!!!!

i accedentally pressed starcraft ghost on the polls btw


STARCRAFT FOR EVER MAN, ITS OVER 10 YEARS OLD AND IT ROCKS!!! PLUS Diablo1 is WAY better tahn Diablo 2, if u disagree, well u can argue with me somwehre else

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I'd rather see a Diablo 3 come out... honestly i think Diablo is ALOT better than Starcraft out of Warcraft, diablo, and starcraft Dibalo is the best
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