Warcraft Spiders and Necromancers Strategy


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This strategy is one of the most used in all world. It is for the Undead race, and it consists of two simple things: spiders and necromancers.

Many of you already know it, but don’t know how to use it. Well, this article is then the article you just need to read. It will have the pros and cons of this strategy, thus helping you a little bit more. If you know the main points and weaknesses of your strategy, you will know how to use it better.

This tactic is well known because it is easy to use and effective. It consists, mainly of two things: The spiders kill the enemy units, and the necromancers raise skeletons from their dead bodies.

If the spiders die, your army won’t succeed, but if you don’t have necromancers, then you will have no melee to defend yourself. There must be a balance.

The advantages are obvious, yet powerful. The spiders are excellent ranged units, they can take more damage then the other tier 1 ranged units (except for hunts) and they have a nice range. In tier 2 they can web air units, and they can hide, if necessary.
The necromancers can only be reached in tier 2, but they provide the so needed front line that will absorb the incoming damage.

This tactic is almost perfect. Some players even add some siege weapons with corpses that are unloaded, thus granting an even faster creation of skeletons.
While the spiders have good damage for ranged units, the necromancers can create a fast as resistant melee that secures them.

This tactic can also have another point of view: while the player focus on evolving spiders, the necromancers can create mass units (skeletons) thus providing the balance between quality and quantity.

This tactic is very powerful at later stages, thus it is very important to be countered early. Although it will be very difficult if the player is experienced, attacking the enemy, keeping him from reaching tier 2 is a great solution. Remember that in tier 1 if the player only has spiders, he won’t have any strong melee units to defend him, thus making him very vulnerable to melee rush. This is fatal most of the times. Although the Undead can make towers, this is not a good solution in long terms.

This tactic can also be countered by anti-spellcasting units, such as Destroyers. In fact, the only perfect way to counter this tactic is making strong melee with strong anti-spellcasting units. Dispel is most of the time used to counter necromancers, and with devastating consequences. If the enemy has no skeletons to cover his spiders, then his spider will become vulnerable to your strong melee, thus granting you an advantage.

However, in team games this is not easy. If the ally carries a good melee, it will be nearly impossible to defeat this combination. This is why this strategy is mostly used in team games, where tactics come up together helping each other.

I hope that this quick article helps you understand why this tactic is so common, and helps you use it better. Knowledge is power. Remember to use it right.