Signatures have disappeared?


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It seems like every old post has had their signature removed? Any chance of fixing this admin?

Wait let me edit that, my signature is not showing at all. It shows in the preview stage but not after the post is made. I have checked my settings and "Show Signature" is on, so something is screwy with the permissions.

It seems like you just removed the signature option for all normal members, as it looks like special user groups still have the signature options.

Here is what was supposed to be done to actually fix this problem:

Allow signatures after X posts
How to allow signature only after 10 posts?

Edit again:
Now it shows for edited posts but every other post on the forum seems to be blank.

Looks like a simple sql query can be run to fix this.
Forum Signature is blank on old posts when signature is changed


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We're using a plugin for signature control. There was a minimum character count specified as well. I've removed it.

Still having problems?



Eating the souls of children
Nope, looks good.

I don't understand why everyone gives you such a hard time. You seem to respond well in my opinion.

This site is really only missing new topics to really get rolling again. Just needs a couple people to post new threads and this place has the ability to take off. I would suggest getting 5-10 new topics per section and then sending a mass email out. The new topics would give the users coming back something to respond to and they may just stick around. I try to assist where I can, hopefully others will put in a little effort as well.

The place might be dead now but with this many posts already on the forum and a bit of posting to entice new members... this site is in a good position to make a strong comeback.