SHTRAFBAT [Teh Void This?]


Nov 23, 2003
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Russia, Moscow
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SHTRAFBAT were the soviet batalions during WW2 made up off political prisoners (mostly framed, those people who were in Gulags), criminals and ex-soldiers. Shtrafbats were rarely given food or ammunition, they almost all the time had to get it from the Germans once taking their position. They were put in hottest spots in the whole war, their bodies were not counted. They were the ones with NKVD units behind their backs during the battles, shooting down all those who tried to retreat. I thought it would be interesting to have a serious RP on this topic. You can be Russian, Ukranian, Georgian, Polish, Lithuanian, Aleutian, Jew, any of those nationalities, keep it realistic, and remember that in Shtrafbat like in the rest of the army you have to watch what you say, or if someone writes you up to an NKVD agent, you get shot, so don't talk too much to people you don't trust fully. I hope this will be interesting. I'll continue writing this up after i get back home from soccer at night today, for now, write up your characters.

Bio: (I am gonna talk about this a bit more, but basically you have to be either a political criminal, real criminal or an soldier who commited some kind of offence (got drunk on his post, hit a superior officer, etc))