Rules for Making a Poll

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Democracy is a powerful system - however it has its flaws.

It seems that some people are making polls that either affect staff in a negative way, or for requests that are completely outrageous and would be not a good idea to initiate. Although the Official Voting forum has its uses, we need to limit them so that the chances of something extremely bad happening are lessened.

So the staff and I have setup these guidelines when you make your poll:

  • You cannot make polls that involve de-staffing, de-modding, removing, or banning a member or staff member. Admins are the people that decide the Staff's fates. The only time where a poll for bringing back users will be open is if a Staff member makes it.
  • You must be persuasive. You must state reasons why they benefit or they don't. Or your poll will achieve nothing. You must also be able to prove your point.
  • You cannot do polls out of spite towards another member. This is considered trolling/flaming and will not be tolerated.
  • If it is going to change some aspect of how BF operates, an admin has to approve to the poll. Closing it will mean it is disapproved.
  • Each member can obviously vote once. It is also recommended that you post what you voted for in the thread.

Failure to comply will lead to closed polls, or infractions for failing to abide by the guidelines.
Not open for further replies.