RPG's for starcraft

Whats your favorite rpg like game?

  • Elements-any version

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Matrix(i only have high defense)

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Bunker wars/golems/evolves

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Other (if u choose this tell me where to get it if u can)

    Votes: 4 57.1%

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The poll today is for the BEST rpg games for starcraft broodwar. Of course, i have limited knowledge and only have like 5 or 4 RPG's to begin with so... If you could give me a link on where to download some RPG's (other than geocities.com), that would be great.

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
dont u mean best ums b/c mass maps are not rpgs
When i played starcraft i made a real rpg map. I had 1by1 sqaures of location(or w/e)layer.

Zergling[Kill 5 Units]>>Hydralisk[Kill Ten Units]>> and so on

it was cool, had sorta shop things and u could hire more guys to fight with you


alright, the best RPG ever I would easily say to be:


this is probably around almost as old as BW so you do not have it, so here is the link to download my favorite version:

http://nd-prep.hypermart.net/(5)WinterGlades 2.65ES.scx

I have a couple others too, but oh well. anyways, another classic one would be Alien vs. Predator, I am not sure how old this one is but it was made years ago. I have lots of versions of this, and after opening up a few this is what I found to be most resembling of my favorite one.


if you want the original of that, which is actually very different from that version and not as good in my opinion, ask. now, my second favorite RPG would be a game that I remember playing a long time ago but forgot the name for so I cannot post it up here. Final Fantasy III is still played, and that is also a good one. I also spent 6 months making MY rpg, Alien v Predator 2.

http://nd-prep.hypermart.net/Alien v Predator 2.scx

another important thing to remember in judging these (excluding mine, which is still a couple years old) is that they were all made with standard staredit and no other porgrams. I believe that there are so many good RPGs out there it is dumb to even try to make a poll, expecially one in which you only put up one classic and really good one (there were a few really good versions of elements when it first came out.) I mean games like Winterglades and Elements made up around half the broodwar UMS games being played at the times in which they were released. before i make this post an epic, as if I already hadn't..

anyone else have some good rpgs? lol

edit: took out some stuff that contradicted myself a bit, since winterglades is a BW map. and why is it whenever i hit delete button it ends my editing?


what you mean, you wanted people to post up some really good rpgs and I did? :p I talked about twice as many as I posted up. and that is a friggin weird site, by the way.


It's a damn cool site if u ask me.lol. Best ninja source in the world.
Those rgps are AWSOME!!!! Thanks a lot! now i have quality waste of time things to do.:loopy


About matrix... (i know this is off topic) I think the 8 way 255 upgrade matrix d was a hella lot better than high d. It took alot more skill and was just more fun!

btw, tacket, i dled the good matrix defence at ur house, could u give it to me next time we play?


A good type of ums game is paintball. (not sniper paintball tho... those are so BORRING you will die) people play paintball on b.net all the time so you shouldn't have much trouble finding a good map.

Also, this is completely off topic but that ninja website is completely WRONG!! first of all, ninjas dont kill people for the fun of it... they protect the inocent and the true. second, monks were the ones who created the ideas of being like a ninja, it started out as exercises because the munks would get fat from meditating all day, but it evolved into a form of self defence... and third, the person who made that site must be like five years old, have the intelegence of a five year old, or just be a HUGE wierdo... i like the deadly arts too but ninjas are good guys and wouldn't hurt a fly unless the fly was killing people. some ninjas are evil but then they aren't called ninjas.

Also WTF is up with the "ninjas are mammals" thing??!! why dont they just say ninjas are humans??!!
ok anyways... None of the maps u posted in that thing way up there were rpgs.

My fav rpg:

Lost Temple RPG

Why? Cause my friends made it
An RPG I have, which seems to be rather rare, is a Starship Troopers RPG. Its not open-ended, but one pretty much walks the entire map and receives quite a challenge so long as they don't cheat with a secret on the map. It takes up to an hour and a half to two hours or so, if I remember right. It is very well made, but the map creator was either foreign or illiterate, so the poor grammar and very poor spelling give you a headache when attempting to follow the story. I would fix it, but I don't know how to unlock it. Same forum name as game name. Contact me in Starcraft and if it managed to transfer to my new computer without corrupting, I'll let you download it over BNet.


The odds of bumping into your are so rare...Oh, and by the way, almost all my threads got a 5 star...HOOAH!:lucifer