Rising of the slaves.

Time is...well...about now :D

The story will be found later.... This is the "awaken-and-has-no-idea" story.

Shortly: You wake up in some sort of incubation room. In the building that you are in, they seem to enchant humans, giving them special powers. Some individual escaped and unlocked all the cells. You must escape!

So, this is basically the super-hero stuff. You can make whatever you want. Mages, fighters, gunners... As long they are enchanted by some powers.

Together with the other players, we must escape the big building, and then find out whats happening.


My char: (use this template, you can add some things aswell...)

Name: Sonix
Your class: Battle Mage
Type of battle: He uses lightning spells, and also sometimes fights with his staff.
Personality: He is fairly good to other people, willing to make friends. But at some nights, he becomes evil and transforms into a evil creature... Its a unknown curse.
Side: Neutral
Age: 25


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Name: Vadriel
Class: none
Race: Fallen Angel
Armament: Frozenfang, his obsidian scimitar. Has the ability to shift into pure darkness and reform into any shape desired.
Sorceries: Being a creature of Hell itself, he has many abilities, including most any cryomancy, a fair bit of Hellfire pyromancy, and complete control over darkness.
Persona: Cold and ruthless, Vadriel seeks to take revenge on He who cast him out from Heaven. Building his power over millenia, he was finally ready to assault his former domain, but suddenly found himself here, in this odd place...
Alignment: He serves only himself, and the burning desire to reclaim Heaven as his dominion, and crown himself Emperor of all existance.
Age: Timeless.


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Eh, sounds cool.

Name: Skandos
Race: Human
Class: Light Being
Age: 18
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Fighting method: While predominantly a healer, he is able to induce mental pain in things he can see, smell, hear, touch or taste. Can also cast blazing beams of light that can burn.
Weaponry: Carries a dagger but seldom uses it. Usually casts his light spells. Can modify his spells to fit different shapes and strength.
Personality: Broods evil thoughts, and was outcast by his clan. Developed these mental abilities in this weird building. Learns quickly and is extremely tolerant to poisons and curses, but is rubbish when hurt physically.

((Ok, lets starts.))

Sonix gets out and looks around. Whole building is on fire, you hear screams of guards. Clearly,theres a lot slaves here.
He finds the stairs and starts climbing down.


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((Already? Man, that was quick... I suppose people can just pitch in. Tie yourselves into the storyline if you do.))

I awake, hearing screams and roars of glee. I see that the metal doors leading to my cage are open and people are running around. Fireballs, blood, arrows, and more fly everywhere as destruction is wrought everywhere in Block X. (((In memory of x42bn6! :O)))

I hurriedly jump out of my cell and follow the others to the exit. I see guards attempting to tame the crowd using guns and smoke bombs. Staying back, I concentrate and a piercing scream is heard from one guard, who I have disabled with my mental abilities. The guards are quickly overwhelmed and killed, and we move on.

One human leads the way as a metallic shield. Bullets rain upon him and do no harm. Two humans hurl fireballs from behind him and two more guards fall. Eventually, we reach the courtyard where tanks and helicopters promptly unload bullets and missiles by the dozen. I quickly dodge into the darkness and up a stairwell, where I meet my lunch buddy, Sonix. A crushing explosion flattens the ground as a missile strikes close by. I quickly turn round and concentrate - instantly, one helicopter loses control quickly as I disable the pilot who is clutching his ears in agony. It crashes amongst a group of mortar-wielding soldiers.*


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Vadriel awakened to the roar of a riot. What the...

He stood and flexed his six black feathery wings, ready to fly away from all this noise, to find himself blocked by an thick metal ceiling. He looked about his surroundings, and was shocked to find himself in a common prison cell! HE, VADRIEL, was imprisoned? Only mortals could have been so stupid as to attempt to contain him in a common, dirty cell.

Thoughts of flight away banished like a sigh on the wind, Vadriel's vengeful nature took him over as he decided instantly to hunt down and destroy the feeble humans who dared to imprison him. Humans...he spat at the word. The Creator's precious little race of ants...perhaps in his search for those who imprisoned him, he would get the chance to revel in the bloody deaths of a few hundred of them.

Vadriel peered at the iron bars of the cell. Pathetic. He lifted a hand, and a wave of cold erupted from it, flashfreezing the bars to hundreds of degrees below zero. He lashed out with his tail, and the brittle bars broke with as much ease as a human body. Folding his wings about him, Vadriel stepped through the hole and looked around.

Apparently this prison contained mortals gifted with the powers of various types of sorcery, and also apparently, as would be expected, they had begun to break free and turn their abilities against their imprisoners. Foolish guards, thinking they could contain those with the Gift in a mere iron cage.

His otherworldly appearance attracted the attention of several of the revolters, and in fear they began to lash out at him with their various Gifts. Vadriel laughed as he slapped away a fireball thrown at him by a white-faced young human female. He delighted in the screams he elicited as he unleashed a small wave of Hellfire, the superheated essence of the great Underworld itself. It cut through the crowd like a blade carved from the Sun itself, vaporizing flesh, bone, and steel as it swept out in an arc of destruction.

The few humans who were not touched by the Hellfire turned and ran from him, but Vadriel only laughed as Frozenfang in its liquid shadow state slithered over his body from beneath his wings, and crawled down his arm to take its scimitar form in his right hand. Shadows rose up beneath Vadriel and consumed him, melting away back into the ground. They slithered blindingly fast over to in front of the fleeing humans, and Vadriel rose up out of the darkness, cutting off their escape. Frozenfang flashed with an icy blue energy over its pure black surface as it bit a wide arc through the torsoes of the fleeing humans.

All the "escapees" in his sight slain, Frozenfang melted into shadows and slithered back beneath Vadriel's wings. This prison contained many levels, it seemed, as the riot could be heard raging through the walls, ceiling, and floor around him. Now, a path must be chosen.

Vadriel's attention whirled over to the far side of the room. A door clicked open, and Vadriel readied a fireball as Sonix walked through.

Sensing something odd about this particular human, Vadriel dispelled his fistful of Hellfire, choosing instead to see how the mortal reacted. If he attacked Vadriel, his life would be very short indeed.


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May I join?

Name : Bathizar (Never changes ;D)
Race : Human
Type of Battle : Hand-to-Hand, he dispises the use of weapons.
Power : He can disinigrate anything he touches, and can climb across walls, ceilings, etc.
Personality : A very outward person, but can get angry very fast.

Bathizar awakes from unconciousness to find himself in the middle of a full-scale battle. He soon realizes where he is, and what he is doing, but he must think fast as a guard comes at him with a lightning baton, he evades easily and knocks the guard out. He then runs off to help the others.


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Unaware of Vadriel watching Sonix, I pursue Sonix as he wanders through a random door.

"Oi, Sonix!" I shout.

((Ninja_Blue, please write yourself into the storyline.))*


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Vadriel laughs. Smart human...to face him would show foolishness, and to try to befriend him would show foolishness to a lesser degree, but also an extreme naivette...avoidance was the most respectable move, as all it demonstrated was cowardice at the worst (a forgivable trait shared by all humans) and intelligence at the best...

No matter. Vadriel shook his head and turned to another door in the room before he heard a voice. "Oi, Sonix!"

Vadriel turned back and walked through the door that the human had come from to find another human before him. Curious about what this one would do, he crossed his arms and cocked his head at the small beast.


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Skandos notices that Sonix had noticed something that scared him. Curious, Skandos looks where Sonix looked, and notices Vadriel.

"Oi, what are you looking at?" Skandos asks. "Go on, escape just like everyone else." Skandos then proceeds to look disdainfully at Vadriel.*


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Vadriel smirks. Humans can be so stupid. Obviously, this one is a lot dumber than the one who fled. Vadriel half considered turning the human into a cinder, but decided to play with it a little bit.

"Well, human...I am supposed to being 'escaping' am I? What if I do not wish to escape? What if I wish to stay? What if I LIKE it here?

You know, there's only one real problem with this place...it's infested with the most utterly infectious and irritating pest in all existance...humans."

Vadriel's smile deepened as the human winced slightly in pain. The voice of an Upper Being tended to be a little much for mere mortals.

"So tell me...what do you propose I do about this...problem? Do you wish to assist me in eliminating it, or do you wish to be a part of it?"

Vadriel spread his hands, and within one coalesced a ball of heat the intensity of the sun, and in the other a ball of cold energy nearly at absolute zero. The room darkened, the shadows on the walls leaping and dancing with an eerie life of their own.

"Decide. With me? Or against me...mortal?"


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Out of instinct, Skandos erupts a massive ball of the purest possible light and it covers the entire building, and screams can be heard from the deepest places. The light is so bright the electromagnetic waves begin to char the stone walls and the water on the floor is boiled instantly. Nobody messed with the Messenger of the Light or was foolish enough to use the Darkness against him. The walls began to dance with flames of light as the initial blaze faltered, but Skandos appeared to float in the light, embalmed in gentle flames.

"Put those balls down and we will talk," Skandos says sternly.*


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Vadriel chuckled. This one possessed a noteworthy amount of power, for a mortal. Still, it was a mere parlor trick to counter lesser obscuromancy. If Vadriel had actually summoned any darkness, rather than reducing the room's light and animating the shadows, no amount of light could have banished them. Indeed, large amounts of light only make summoned shadows stronger, more visible than in gloom.

But nonetheless, this silly mortal was challenging him, and while it could counter the least of his shadow tricks, there was no way its mere light magick could even have an effect on his pyromancy and cryomancy. A Fallen of the Order of Shadow is not fazed by weak auromancy.

Vadriel's chuckle became a full-out laugh.

"Put the balls down? Well, since you ask so nicely..."

Vadriel propelled the spheres of energy at the ground halfway between the human and himself, where they exploded, releasing their power. The wave from the frost sphere washed over the entire room, coating the walls and ceiling with ice. At a beckon from Vadriel, deadly icicles the size of crowbars extended from every coated surface, promising a gorey death for any to fall agains them. The fire orb's energy wave created a massive torrent of flames that raced across the floor to Vadriel's feet and circled around him. As the flames lept up and danced around him, Vadriel narrowed his eyes at the pathetic human.

He extended his hand, and the waves of flame started to move forward towards the mortal, the intense heat forcing it back towards the deadly icicles. The superchilled ice, as cold as that of Hell's deepest core, would not be melted by the Hellflame, but should the human be stupid enough to try any light magick again, the ice would reflect the light all over the room, intensifying it and likely blinding the feeble little beast.

Vadriel sneered.

"Now, Frailbeast...you wished to discuss something?"


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Skandos appears to have disappeared. But he appears from behind the corner of the corridor. "As the Messenger of the Light, I have power over your vision. Don't mess with what is not yours."

Instantly, thousands of images of Skandos lit up the entire corridor and sky, and each one shimmered with the lights of angels. As the light reflected off the crystals, each Skandos image bathed luxuriously in the blinding lights, staring at it hungrily. Light healed him and made him incredibly alert, rather like nourishment.

Nevertheless, Skandos accepted this new "thing" was powerful. "Those energy balls are pretty powerful," each Skandos image said rather admirably. "And I must say that I was sent for the purpose to either unite the Human race with other beings, whom they shun, or destroy the Human race entirely. And because the last thing I remember was being captured by Humans, I have no choice but to destroy the Human race.

"But no more tricks. I was sent by the Light itself. And if our powers collide, there is no imagining what would happen to either of us. Sure, we could try, but why bother when our powers combined could do countless things? Have you felt that these people, our "fellow" prisoners, are nothing compared with yourself?

"I have been feeding on the pain and insanity of the prisoners around me, absorbing their thoughts and their light. Whoever imprisoned us is more powerful than I thought. I intend to find out why.

"Sonix is a loyal friend of mine. He knows the way around this prison, which, for some reason, I cannot see outside of with my infinite vision. So, are you ready to discuss, or are we going to spend the next few hours showing off our powers?"



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Vadriel laughed.

"You may have control over my vision, little creature of the light, but you have no influence over the other 8 senses I possess. You do realize I know exactly where you are, right?"

He paused, as if thinking.

"You do seem to be not without merit, however. Tell me, why would I care to align myself with you? A creature of the Light? For if indeed you are of His domain, I would consider you mine enemy...as are all who remained above when I and mine plummeted below...of this, what say you?"


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"The Light we both speak of is different on both worlds," Skandos says. "Your Light, I assume, is the enemy of Darkness? On my world, Light and Darkness control the Middle and our differences form spheres of influence on the world.

"For the past few years, this worked well. However, recently, both Light and Darkness proposed something radical: the formation of beings to guide the beings of the Middle - beings that were closer to their forms and abilities. I agreed to it and created three beings: Nayx, Vascha and Melandos. However, Darkness created three beings that were pure Darkness - Galor, Maxzigron and Immordre. And the first thing they did was siege my beings.

"I created 3 spirit forms to defend against these Darkness beings. They succeeded in killing Galor and Immordre, but Maxzigron escaped. But then, there became a problem. The three spirit forms' leaders, Auratan, Nithiel and Idinos, found a source of power that enabled them to kill both Light and Darkness, the Wizards. Both I and Mucases, the Messenger of Darkness, quickly allied with each other and ordered Maxzigron to amass enough power to fight these spirit forms. In doing so, the Wizards turned against the spirit forms and Maxzigron refused to fight against them because of it. We tried to kill Maxzigron but the spirit forms saved him. The four of them destroyed the Throne of Light and cast me powerless on that world.

"However, now, I am determined to find out why my powers are back."

As if understanding there was little point in showing off, all the images of Skandos disappeared and the real Skandos appeared in front of Vadriel.

"And also, I intend to enact my revenge on the Human race. Auratan was Human and he was responsible for the killing of Immordre. It was his idea to bring Maxzigron to their side. And it was him who opened up the way to the Throne of the Light."

((This is the basis of a Warcraft III map I am making.))



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Vadriel listened to the story with only passing interest. It was clear that this being was not of Heaven, only a creature of the literal Light. It obviously had nothing to do with his banishment from the High Kingdom, nor any affiliation with the Almighty. AND, it seemed to have as much distaste for the mortals as he...

Perhaps an alliance, at least a temporary one, would be beneficial.

Vadriel waved away his summoned ice, and allowed his flames to die out.

"Well, Being of the Light...it appears we have no quarrel. An alliance may be in order, for however long it need last. However, I do not believe we have been properly introduced..."

Unfurling his six massive avian wings and holding them high above his shoulders, he stalked forward to the human. Standing before him, he manifested Frozenfang and saluted.

"I am Vadriel, of the Fallen and Thrice-Damned, and also of the Order of Shadow. Mine enemy the Light is not simply Darkness's antithesis, but indeed the High Heaven, those who worship the Lord God the Almighty. When Satan's revolt resulted in the casting down of he and his, many of us once loyal to Him were greatly dissatisfied with such harsh action. We believed our Creator to be a much more merciful Lord, and whence he cast out Lucifer and the rebel angels, I and mine took up arms against God as well.

Our numbers were far greater, but we were still put down and cast out. For our crimes against God, when we had just witnessed the fate of traitors, we were not once, but Thrice-Damned...when we reached Hell, I turned upon my fellows and slew them all, adding their power to my own...then I slew the Beast himself and claimed his infernal power.

From then I set out to claim all of Hell's vast power for myself. I slew demon after demon to add to my own power. For I knew, that no mere angel could ever hope to go up against the great Lord God...but another God, the Antigod, could...and so by absorbing the power of a great host of evil beings, I climbed the ladder of power to finally, only hours ago, reach my pinnacle of power.

I am finally ready to face my Maker, and find myself trading one prison for another...this is surely the Lord's last resort to save Himself. I must break free of here and ascend to the Pearly Gates to claim its power for my own.

Assist me in mine cause, and I will assist you in yours, as well as promise you a place amongst the ruins of Heaven, where I will rebuild my empire and enslave all existance. I would have you be my most trusted general. What say you, Being of the Lightrealm?"


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Skandos grinned. "Satan? God? I wish I knew what you were talking about, but they are non-existent where I come from.

"Still, I wonder how someone managed to two beings from different worlds together.

"But yeah, we may as well have a temporary alliance. The more captives fight together, the more the chance to overpower the people who captured us."

((Sonic_Moronic and Ninja_Blue, where are you two? We might end up waiting for you two just because it will get boring...))