Report all bugs here please.


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Two bugs in the image. The top bar, and there's nothing to buy in the store.


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I seem to have a problem seeing thumbnails of attached images. Seems to be on all skins. I went thru them.

Yes. I attached an image to this, and i can't see that its there. ANyone else having that problem?


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[glow=black]Ugh, I was installing a BUNCH of hacks last night again and noticed the blank page for infractions. Thanks x42.[/glow]


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About 50% of my BF forum images are broken. All of the reply options (bold, etc), the reply, report, PM, profile, quote, post icons, and more are broken and giving me the ALT text. I get a "connect to broadband server" message indicating for all intensive purposes my internet cant link to the images. Sigpics, Avatars, and all other websites look fine.

Edit: Appears to be fixed at the moment. If you guys did something to fix it, thanks :p