R9 v1.0 Ladder Slasher Bot


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;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;R9 v1.0 Ladder Slasher Bot;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Created By r9Success;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
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Ladder slasher - D2jsp

This is finally one that wont get you caught, ive made multiple delayed reaction
times within lines, so now it just looks like a regular person clicking around, if you
really wanna be extremely safe you can add even more intervels in the config.

-Program can be running while also play D2 or Other Games, Only thing you CANNOT do is run
a baal bot, meph bot, etc while having R9 bot running in ladder slasher, this will be soon
fixed in the next version.
-You Can set the life of when you want your character to run away and heal.
-Bot will wait and make sure health is regenerated full untill next fight.
-Every 3 hours it will refresh the page for pauls Anti-cheat purposes.
-Pickit is also available while running the bot or just playing manually in groups so more items!
-Muling is available, After a set number of fights is set your main character will transfer picked up items to your mule.
-More Features to come

-Download and save to desktop
-Extract to a folder, Any folder will do, Recommended to just make your own folder to be more organized.
-Go to config.ini and set everything up to your likings, DO NOT change anything that you are not sure what it does...
-Open r9LS.exe and a little green icon should pop up at the bottom right, it looks like the redvex icon but instead its green.
-Go to your ladder slasher and login, Click on your character.
-Right click the green icon and click "Start"
-Go to arena and fight 1 monster, after doing so it will take over after the first monster is dead.

-If at first the green icon does not pop up, after logging into ladder slasher the icon will come up.(It happens to me every now and then, still working on the probelm)
-If you know or see any other problems please tell me, this program is also a project im working on for a class grade, so i want to make sure its merely perfect, Thanks in advance.
You can contact me at:
"Dont read me.txt"

Download link:
h t t p : / / r a p i d s h a r e.com/files/228466215/r9LS_v1.0.rar
(Remove spaces of course)