Program/module/utility/etc suggestion thread v 3.0


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Please repost if you posted in any of those other threads. All the things you need
just post them, we'll tell you if they are possible to realise


We need a program/module that will run Kamika's MF Method again. I know that a lot of people that said it did nothing, but I had good results with it (until I lost my Account for it) And I think it was Korttike that posted a ton of results that he had with it and he had some pretty favorable results.


i think that new guys appossal was talking about making a d2h module that makes you drop all your items when you open that. That would be useful cause ppl dont trust .exe's when you send them.
It would be so easy to scam... you could just rename the d2h to maphack or something...


I already have a module that does exactly what theapposal was talking about. no one i see on bnet has d2hackit though. sad really....
also, funny story, about 50 kids have claimed to report me to blizzard, yet I have received no banning or warning of any kind. rather odd
No one takes the time to actually "report" anyone. They think they are scaring you, but they are actually just making themselves sound like little panzies.

[Sniffing Item IDs]
How can you sniff the id of an item from within a module?? (without user interaction )


without ANY user interaction? like just load the module?

Put in the body of blablabla OnGamePacketBeforeSent(blabalbalba)
if (aPacket[0]==0x19)
memcpy(<global variable here> + <however many spaces to item id>,aPacket+1,4);
TADA! sniffeth
I have one I think everybody will enjoy:

A working dupe that will take 1 month to patch. :D

J/k that would actually blow because everyone on would have it therefore making it useless.

But really I would enjoy a module that would edit your buddy list and expand it, like have different catagories ie: Friends, n00bs, Botters, Important People. Would be nice if you could edit them and everything and maybe follow somebody into games like .friends follow *accname and it automaticly joins the game that this person joins/makes with of course a delay. ALSO it should let you use the /r command in game i guess it would be like .f r (message). I know this is complicated and you probably dont have the ability to make it but I am asking you because I know I cant.:p


I was actually damn close to create a working dupe yesterday :O

Looked really good, but after about 2 hours of testing it turned out it didn't work :usad

Well would have been Classic-only anyways :p

@T: Yay I love these threads ... Im loosking for ideas since I havent got anything 2 do atm :]
ditto Starfish :)

i was looking at the extended f list... i might make it... if nothing else appears better soon...


I like some hacking of D2, but at the same time some hacks ruin the game. Anything that helps you without hurting other players directly is cool. Somthing the helps you get the best MF or adds points somehow(would it be possible to make a hack that would send a packet to the server that you killed somthing {DC or Baal} and give you the drops and exp?) Hacks like those are cool, but somthing that you get someone else to download that makes them drop all their shite ruins it because you are down to petty theft. So try not to look for the scams, but look for the stuff that helps the players.


(would it be possible to make a hack that would send a packet to the server that you killed somthing {DC or Baal} and give you the drops and exp?)
sorry but this is't possibel, and btw if it was baal's and mephe's items would fall next 2 there courpses and not in town like u tougth so u would still go get them.

A woud like a module that auto aim with blizzard, something like auto aim arrow for amazone.

And btw can u post how i can use snifferxp 2 acculy sniff packets lol but i can't get my 2 work maybe old version? i have writed exactly like it say in readme and testet alot more so plz post EXACTLY what i shall write so i can get it working.
btw i have d2hackit loaded and the module 2, and i have wroted .snifferxp help but can't understand what 2 write anyway.
this will 4 sure make me look dumb :( but i can't get the shit 2 work sono other thing 2 do :(

BTW coolmisson cheack if got a pm from me? and ghist should do that 2 dont u get like a box in your window when u have a new pm?
i don't think that is possible..correct me if i am worng. All that happens is that you click...a packet is then sent telling the server you clicked here, the server does the needed calculations balh blah blah.... so it is almost impossible...unless u use something like autoit ehhehe :p


im thinkin even tho this isnt realy a module make it so d2hackit used like a comma (,) instead of period (.) to run sht so i can sue pickit n hackit at same tiem

and make module so unstead of typing /f m u type = :D
@My Module Idea: it would also be nice if the friends list could be changed different colors to your choosing like .f c 0-9 ;: ect with color codes because correct me if im wrong but the blue is getting boring :p. Another good feature would be the message coming in different colors when people message and when people join games, like dark green when they join games and light green when they message or vis versa. I know none of this is possible in the chat, but would be cool in game like when you are mfing or dueling or pvping. I know I personally dont, and some friends dont look up unless they are doing something boring.