Portrait painting of my niece

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Spend about a week on it so far...still some small things that need to be done but its about complete. First portrait I've ever painted so its not exactly great, but I'm proud ;D



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That's amazing, especially since you never made one before. What did you paint it on? And what kind of paint? I remember we had to do this at school too, but the material sucked so bad that we never came past smileys... xD


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Hmm I think I want a portrait like that of me. Kind of like all those rich important people who have cool paintings like that of themselves. While my beauty lasts... :/


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OMG thats expensive, anyway im sure its worth it since the product has a Very Good Quality as proof the protrait painting of your niece. FTW!!


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Eh I'd prefer you look at a portfolio of pictures of me and select maybe 2 or 3 and than I could make the final decision on which I prefer. If I chose I want to get the painting I'll contact you with 1-3 weeks senor. Thanks for the offer.

And 40-60 dollars is not expensive...