Poll update


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It’s that time of week again. First for the results of last week’s poll:

Do you plan on buying World of Warcraft?
-Hell yes: 26.92%
-Hell no: 26.92%
-Still waiting to see how much that monthly fee is: 34.62%
-Will wait to see reviews: 11.54%

Very split results, but the poll results and the discussion make it clear that the monthly fee is a big issue. Blizzard has promised to make the monthly fee as low as possible, but unfortunately all MMORPG servers are very maintenance-intensive, and very very costly (as opposed to the current battle.net games which assign user's computers the task of hosting individual games). Hopefully they'll be able to keep that cost low enough to not deter people from buying the game.

The new poll should be self-explanatory: What blizzard games do you own? We're interested in seeing just how faithful the BattleForums community is to Blizzard Entertainment... can anyone honestly check every box? Don't forget to vote!

In other news, the closed WoW beta test is officially ending tomorrow afternoon. The open beta should be coming soon, which means everyone who hasn’t yet had a chance to play the game will be able to get a first-hand impression.