Please help me with patching 1.10!



Ok as the topic says I need to patch my starcraft broodwar to 1.10 However there is a problem because I dont have any of the cds. so i decided to download the no cd crack but before i do that i decided to download the 1.10 patch from i did and i tried patching my sc bw to 1.10 but it gave me this error saying:
Blizzard PrePatch v2.62 compiled on Mar 27 2003
This program patches Starcraft Broodwar

Log created at 11:45 pm on 02/18/2004

ERROR: unable to execute command '\BNUPDATE.EXE'
The directory name is invalid.

RESULT: Prepatch failed
Can someone please help me out?
(Oh yeah i've also reinstalled this many times by borrowing 1 original cd from one friend and borrowing 1 expansion cd from another because neither of them have both cds.


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