Picture Perfect


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Post a picture of yourself

1. No posting non human pictures (cm and trojan)
2. No naked photos
3. Post a picture of yourself


It is in my avatar but I will post it again. As well I will also say again I have many pictures after visiting my dad in florida with digital camera but it like 2 mb each and like 800x700 : /


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Now I have to find my pic from the other one. At least Tatu isn't around to call me a druggy :p

Pains Requiem said:
why are we doing this again?
The other one got voided for too much off-topic conversation and too many immature pictures.
Out of curiousity, why does Miss look like a totally different person every time I see a pic of her ?

1. No posting non human pictures (cm and trojan)
2. No naked photos
Guess I won't be posting my picture.



Man that guys FUGLY!!!(Real pic of me)
can we all just... i dunno... keep our clothes on when cameras are around?

my computer is no longer of my control, so i cant really post any. not like i had any good ones. cept the one when i was sneezing. because i looked like a manitee. yep.
icastbigspells said:
Lol just cause you don't like my sexy body doesn't mean you have to tell me.
if you were a female with large supple breasts i'd say the same thing. this is not a BF strip tease :p.