Nukes or BCs?


You can hardly make Nukes or BattleCruisers unless your opponent is Terran. They are both good but it is your choice. In T vs T, if your opponent is making BattleCruisers you can make BattleCruisers too or make ghosts to lockdown BattleCruisers(You'll get a chance to nuke if you decide to make ghosts) Either way is fine.


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Where would we be without newbie4lyfe's infinite wisdom?


*Shrugs* I have no idea. I don't even know why people are still talking because I thought this thread was over.


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In tvt nuke their defences and walk in with M&M and Tanks and gg.

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Originally posted by Phoenix2003
He's right. Ghosts are so rarely used, they're almost non-existant. Even in tvp. Well, in competitive gaming, anyway.
Are u shitting me? I use em all the time iwth my tanks+marines+medics. THEY ROCK!! Lockdown really kills agains Terran and Protoss:)


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On a money map you can do both so I don't think it matters to much. If you can get a Ghost in without being noticed, you can really do damage. If you can't then you mix them up. Use the nuke(s) to take out air defense and send your BattleCruisers in.
yeah I would say that you could do both, but nukes ar eharder to use because they get caught most of the time. The yamoto cannon on bcs are great so you can just take out one missle turret in one hit, but the nukes do so much damage. It just depends on what type of defence your oponent has ( and what race).