New Poll (Finally)!


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It's been a while since we've changed the poll, but there's finally a new one for you to vote on. We'll be updating it more regularly now, so make sure to check it out and vote!

First, the results of the last poll:

Does blizzard spend too much time working on patches?
Yes, they should put more effort into making new games: 37.80%
No, their current games need more work; new games can wait: 29.88%
They put the right amount of effort into both patching and creating new games: 32.32%
Total votes- 164

This is probably the closest poll I've seen on the forum. There seems to be a slight preferance for Blizzard to put more effort into creating new games, but it's not a big enough lead to draw conclusions.

This weeks poll asks you if you plan on buying WoW as the game draws closer and closer to its release. Don't forget to vote!