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It's all safe, unless a 120 km/h Ferrari starts driving down the road.


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Yea i got a job. Im goin back to school next year. But im a nite owl. I rarly sleep. And theres always time to party bro.

Pains Requiem

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Prom picture ;)

My cool/pretty bull-mastiff puppy Dutchess. Shes way bigger now.


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Glowpole and mike need better taste in women/people they hang out with. It seems to me like mike hangs out with pudgy/ugly women and whitetrash guys and glowpole hangs out with just plain fat chicks.

I expected better from both of you, really.


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Thats my roomate u ***. Sorry but ive never been the one to judge people for there outer apperence. I hang out with everyone. Im not n high school anymore. Omg ur fat i cant hang out with u. Friends come n all shapd n sizes. U wouldnt know seein how it looks to me that u dont have any. Maybe one day.


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Me and my brand new gf and then me and my boy casey.