New New Picture Thread


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man you got me i'm forty

geez i'll be eighteen in a couple months. i know i usually look ridiculously young for my age but i didn't think i'd ever be interpreted as middle-aged.

and i don't think i've changed this in four years. man that was a masterful editing job i did, you can barely even see that disgusting white ring.


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Sorry, but Skuzzy can't come to the PC right now. Apparently, he is still mad about what we turned BF into.


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Heres me guys:


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Wow, I didn't know that you were a line of text.

And this thread has revived lots of old faces like Bjornta, Ntrik_ and Flash


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Skuzzy should probably just turn this site off. He has no need to post here anymore and he can make some cash off of the database.


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Anyone can make cash off anything. It's all about finding the right sucker.


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Burn Goggles

That mofo in the jeep comerical in the tent has my shirt on....i want rolayties!!

Corana taste so good on sanc de miyo day

Bored at work

Mota with his eyes opened!! awwwwww


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I consider myself a fashionable cool hobo

me pissing at the club

Me making a god of war symbol with glow poi

Dj Icey - best dj ever damn whataa night!!

At my fav hooka shop aftwer a concert

lol amanda made us this homemade pinata for sanco de myo and it was filled with all kinds of werid shit from tampons to chips penuts and mushrooms(the tripy kind) kinda cool actually