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Do you like our new forum index?

  • Yes, it's nice. Keep it.

    Votes: 21 21.9%
  • No, it sucks. Get rid of it.

    Votes: 51 53.1%
  • I don't care either way.

    Votes: 24 25.0%

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RoaCh of DisCord

Premium Member
If you're visiting now, and visited will notice that our index is quite different. The new layout is being 'tested' do give your opinion on it (now that it's in affect). Should it stay, should it go? Also post WHY.



It's not that i'm against change, it's just... it seems too "sloppy". Forums that are popular arn't ment to be bumched into 1 sections with sub-forums. IE: Discussion

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
Wing Zero said:
its sloppy and ugly with all thsoe ugly dots
if possible make them like smaller links goign down like

Blizzard game



much more pretty

its crappy looking like this
Blizzard games

link link link link link

something along the lines like this pr...program forum i go to
to lazy to repost from staff

Pains Requiem

BattleForums Senior Member
It does look more amateur by not really looking as neat. If the guests have to use the index to surf through the forums, if it's sloppy and hard to configure, bye-bye member.

Funny how some people said in the Shrink Index? poll that it would look more organized. So far, every post is against it. But more people did vote yes, but trial and error is the best way.


Grumpy Old Grandpa
I use 'Find new post' anyway, so I don't really care. I like it, though.


Praetoris Maximus
Sucks, scrap it. IMO, just make "discussion" a forum group and list the forums underneath if you feel the need to.


The best of both worlds
Is there a way to make it display like that under an option?

Like so everyone can have it eithe rway.


Retired Staff
The decreased functionality is not worth the space saved.

Advertising, Links and Clans is given more attention on the index than Chit-Chat? That is quite possibly the worst thing EVER to happen.*

Pains Requiem

BattleForums Senior Member
It wouldn'y look bad except that you can still see a black box around the circles.


Retired Staff
I don't really mind it. I have enough free time in my day that I can spare the extra 2 seconds to click a couple new links.


BattleForums Senior Member
I don't mind, I kinda like this. It's organized.

But PLEASE. Gte rid of those red Xs on the Dark D2 skin. -_-;;