New Hacks/Files Page

I have many time so i made a little page!
There isnt a good link at the moment i just want ur opinnion to the page ;)

U found many things there:
-Hacks for warcraft
-Other Programms for warcraft
-Other Usefull files
-World of Warcraft files

ALWAYS WORKING LINKS! not like battleforums in the stickies *cough cough*

Have fun :)
spelling mistakes... if theres one thing i hate on websites its spelling mistakes. cd key gRabber. "let u play" should be lets you play. "let you loss" Lets you lose. all the let to lets... other than that i like it, i dont hack so i cant check them but other than that its good. oh accept for the fact that you have to mail you to get the torrent which you can just get on demanoid for WoW Beta..
you, "if u want wow beta u cna email me n ill give u the torrent" well why not just give them the torrent? anyone whos knows bt knows u can use suprnova or demanoid anyways
it works ;)

i dont know if i am allowed to Give the link to the torrent
and if the link is on the page i am not allowed to post the link to the page her cuz there is the WoW Beta


Member! work now. It seems to be an ugly copy of wchacks...( he uses frame) But I think the look is ugly and the guy even have less knowledge in html than me...

At least there are the file, but all those area availeble on other site...Still I encourage you to continue, If you need help I can lend you the old look of my page! (and help you update)


i got a question and hope u guys can answer if for me......i played a game with a dude i dont know....i was owned pretty badly because he had 2 dh. i saw him use the wand of illusion on his dh, then i didnt c it go away. i think it a hack or a glitch of some sort. then when i watched teh replay....the demon hunter never dissappeared. it even lvled itself.