Need the movies/music forum back.

RoaCh of DisCord

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I agree. Please bring it back!

Emperor Pan I

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Do you need a whole forum. Does the fact a forum called chitchat exist and it isnt explicitly called POST MOVIES AND MUSIC HERE you cant post your movie and music threads in Chitchat. Is it some magic barrier that stops you from doing so. It isnt against the rules to post those in Chitchat is it.

RoaCh of DisCord

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There's a magical barrier.


See the problem with having this back is that last time I had it there, there was one thread for a few days, and then it was deleted or something. Will this be an active forum?

Thank you,

RoaCh of DisCord

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Actually it WAS active when Jimbo and I started it. We were mods and brought in new content and got threads going. It had quite a few pages of threads. But then Max removed it.

It's no big deal..because it isn't one of those *necessary* forums, but it was indeed fairly active..before it was removed the first time.
It wasn't that active. I used to surf it a little and it died down pretty fast. Sure it had threads but not many were posting, and not that often either.

Just use Chit-Chat.


The best of both worlds
Just do what I do and put like [Trailer] or [Movie] at the start of the thread title and use CC. No specific need for a entertainment forum when theres only 30 active members and the front page of CC lasts for like a week.