NBA Live 08: Review


Staff member
Graphically, this game is amazing. The player models are highly detailed, along with a nice, shiny court. The interface is also the same as last year's version.

The announcers for this game are boring and usually repeat the same things over and over. The sounds consist of dribbles and sneakers on the court. The game does have a pretty good soundtrack the goes with the game, as it's a mix of Hip-hop and rock.

Control in the game is easy to learn. The game's AI is pretty lacking in aggression. A loose ball will warrant the AI to look at it bounce up and down as they walk towards it. They also watch as the ball bounces off of the backboard.

The load times feature a little trivia game, which can be fun for some, but hated by others. If you're not a sports nut, then it probably isn't for you. Although, it does have some interesting facts.

With that said, at least the series is headed in the right direction. All this game needs is a few technical touch-ups and it would be amazing.

Dark Blade gives this game a C.