My Return to SC



Hey all ive just made a return to SC in good form i want you to check out this replay and tell me my goods and bads with my terran hehe ive tried a korean touch to it this time


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Unless you are Korean you can't master their insane EXTREME skills.

You could try a blood transfusion with a Korean, then you might get hybrid skills. =\ lol


I just watched the replay. Here are some tips for you:

1. I haven't played much on Hunters, but on a map with 8 different starting locations, I'd use 2 SCVS to scout. You could technically scout him at the last spot, and by the time you do, he could have teched straight to DTs or lurkers for example. I'd send in the second SCV about 20-30 seconds after your first one is sent out.

2. You did not spend your money fast enough (macro). A basic rule of thumb it to keep making factories whenever you find yourself having more than one unit in queue... I believe you had 2000+ minerals at one point.. you should never have that much..

3. You may want to make a comsat a lot sooner, especially on a map such as Hunters.

Hope those comments help!