My local game store finally accepting Bitcoin

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So the impossible has happened, and the only video game shop in my small town posted a sign today about accepting Bitcoins. I was really shocked to see that, but I guess they are catering to younger and more tech-savvy buyers (which gamers generally are), who know what Bitcoin is and are willing to experiment with a new payment system.

I'd say this is probably a win-win situation to them, because compared to the fees Visa and Mastercard charge the merchant, Bitcoin is really nothing less than a sweet deal. Given that the price of bitcoin has been skyrocketing non-stop, they are going to profit big time in the end. I'm not sure if the store gets to hold onto the actual Bitcoins, because if they are using a payment processor, the money gets converted to the dollar automatically. But still great, because they save on the processing fees. The store also gets to serve more customers and appear "hip" because they accept a crypto-currency, heh.

I had mined a few Bitcoins back when mining was still doable 10 moths ago, so I went ahead and bought Pokemon X with what originally cost me a few cents to mine :p. I hope Gamestop and others follow suit, so we can pay for more games with our phones and cut out banks, Paypal, and other middlemen.
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Well said, bitcoin payment transaction is a win –win situation. Good to hear that even local game stores are starting to adopt bitcoin already. Didn’t you know that you can even enjoy gambling using this popular virtual currency? Yes, you can bet using bitcoin address at bitcoin casino. Provably fair game, players are highly anonymous and 100% tax free.
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Bitcoin is never going to be a viable alternative or even a usable currency while it is continues to have such a volatile value. When people stop using Bitcoin as a long term investment to make lots of money and as a currency that is stable, Bitcoin will remain on the fringes.