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my name is sean crees aka "Aris". no its not "aries" spelled wrong and no its not after the cute flower girl from ff7. its a long story as to how i got it and i dont feel like typing it all out. suffice it to say i almost never run into anyone else with this nick, so i like to think its unique. im 22 years old. just moved from ann arbor, MI to modesto, CA. its about an hour east of san fransisco. im about to go into the air force, my ship out date is november 17th. i enjoy computer games, some console games (mainly the final fantasy trilogy, but also other RPGs), modding computer cases, a little overclocking, scripting, girls(although i dont tend to do well with the ladies). i socialy drink, social smoke, socialy smoke weed. id prolly try anything once socially if it was available. you only get to live life once you might as well take advantage of it while you can.

top 5 fav games would prolly be:

1. final fantasy X (also i'll just group in ff9, ff7, ff6 here too)
2. Chrono cross (i'll also add chrono trigger here)
3. Counter Strike
4. Diablo 2
5. Starcraft

id add in war craft 3 but since i dont actually own the game and only have a ripped copy with no cdkey and can only play single player games i wont list it. mabey when i get some money and get a cdkey i'll play on bnet. lan'd it a few times, great game.

still trying to find a good replacement for counter strike as it seems to constantly piss me off. american army was alright but its way too slow. and i dont have any money to go buying a new game right now.

a pic of me. dont make fun. :p


th picture remind me of that guy from FULL METAL JACKET... teh one who went crazy and blew his brain out. or forrest gump :)P nice pictures and bio tho


Re: bof

Originally posted by shrimpshark
breath of fire 3 has to be one of the best games for ps alonge with harvest moon
bf3 was good. but wasnt on my list because

1. it came out so long ago


2. the battle scenes take too long. its like every battle is a boss fight their so long.


Originally posted by shrimpshark
drugs waste ur mind
fav games
5breath of fire 3and4
i cannot believe you have 4-9 on their and not X.

FFX IMO is the first final fantasy game to come out that is better than FF6 (FF3 for american release)

and also. you cant be a true fan if chronotrigger isnt up their.

best RPG's for console of all time go (from best to good but not best) FFX, FF3, chronotrigger, FF9, chronocross

Chrono Triggers good but it doesnt alow u enof training for me or enough actule story u can never find where to go.