My first real digital painting


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Was this a picture you took and painted? or was it done from hand? either way, good stuff. Was never that good lol. only mad sigs and what not.

keep up the good work


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i give it a 7/10
Well your a dick and it looks great man! Did you have a digi-pen like pad or was it entirely mouse work and anyways keep cranking out the art!

Metal Gear Flash

I used a Wacom pad, so yes I had a pen. Speed paintings aren't really possible with a mouse I'm afraid. Thanks btw :D

Working on a landscape painting now, I'll post when done.


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I had to quote your post to get the links just because this bastard country has also blocked Imageshack (in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc etc...) and open them up using certain means.

It actually does look like a real painting, particularly the pear and the freckles.

Definitely looking forward to see more work from you as always Flash. :)

- Amantis