[MIA] Clan is recruiting


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Aug 5, 2009
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Hello fellow players I am here as a representative of the clan Mercenaries International Alliance (MIA). I have come here today to see if we have any members here whom are interested in joining MIA Clan so i will tell u a little bit about MIA. First off MIA was Founded by it's brave and honorable leader Undertaker and has been around since May 15th, 2006 and has grown into a large community of over 200+ members alone and over 3000 registered players. MIA Clan believes in only fair play and strongly opposes the use of hacks or glitches. If u are a COD4/5 BF2 2142 BFH player and is looking for a fun and friendly clan to play then MIA Is the clan for you. Thank you for your time in reading this if you would like to join MIA the please go to MIAClan.net and submit a recruit application.


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