Meandmahsword is really an ass

DO you think what i said makes sense and that meandmahsword is being an ass?

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Oct 2, 2002
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In da ghettos somewhere
The only reason meandmahsword is annoying me so is cause hes an ass.

Listen once and once only meandmahsword, im a wigger, BIG DEAL. i mean for god sakes man get over it, i chose to be a wigger, and if i wanna wear the cloths, listen to the music, and talk like a wigga then i will. You chose to be an annoying lil b****, good for you, but leave me alone for f*** sakes.

You may not notice cause your too busy flamin me for no god damn reason (or a really stupid one) but you really do sound like a nazi. I mean for god sakes, just because my ideology and lifestyle is different from yours doesnt means you have to come and make my time on these forums just for no reaon. Nazism and communism is gone now, but the last thing we need is another facsist b**** like you.

I never even spoke to you before, i was only responding to a post some guy made and here you come, acting like an ass, insulting my way of life as if i killed your dad or somethin. Get a grip, because right now your only making a big tyme ass of yourself.

Live and let live is what this world should be like.


Oct 3, 2002
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How I see it...

={ GRM }=

Knowing only what you've posted here, in this thread, I would have to agree with you(unless meandmahsword posts a reply and can persuade me to change my stance) just for common sense's sake. I mean if you post a reply to someone else, and another person comes out and calls you a 'wigga' for no apparent reason, other than the fact that you have the lifestyle of those who have shown the same likenesses and differences that you show and have been labelled a 'wigga', such as you claimed meandmahsword has lebelled you, without them knowing you personally or ever speaking with you, doesn't, in my opinion, have the right to label you as such.

I encourage meandmahsword to reply to this thread to either defend himself, absolve the accusation of being an 'ass', or prove that he is indeed an 'ass' to those he doesn't know or dislikes their lifestyle. I want to hear your side of the situation before I make anymore comments or judge either of you any longer...

Remember, I'm only siding with GRM because I've heard the above information and am judging upon that situation alone, so don't flame me for stating how I see it; even though there will always be someone to be against you and try to fight with you to make you see it their way.

={ TS(PoT) }=