Me and wing need help.


Member! and songs/

looking at that video,me and wing thought it would be a good idea,to think of bf members for the ppl dancing in this video,theese are the ones me and wing came up with.

The girl in red = Gally
The guy in red = kuzmitch,just because he dances russian style.
The guy in grey = cortalos
The bald guy = tipsy,because he looks like a monk
This one is my fav. The guy in green = tweak.

ok now,you guys try to think of battleforums members for this video.

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
acutlly noob this is 100% ur idea i just showed u the vid


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Yatta is better than that.

Can I be the guy that just yells out crazy? And Galatia can be the woman who dances with the people.

Holy shit wow guys, Im sorry, but Yatta LIVE perfomance on Jimmy Timmel or w/e just ****ing owned your little russian video, Im jsut sorry gys, Im learning how to dance like those Yatta People

Now Im all happy. :D


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The red leader had some nice boots.

I took that kind of dancing for about 8 months before I realized my fatness put 3 large indents into my wrists. I can still jig with the best of them though.


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Wing Zero said:
acutlly noob this is 100% ur idea i just showed u the vid
can anyone spell owned?

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
Dragnskull said:
well...i was goin to say fuxin azns...but somehow i dont think there azn... russians?
german in mongolain ofits singing about russia


The best of both worlds
Wing and I.

Sorry, just had to correct that.


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I remember is was a russian song and dance but i can't find it anywhere on youtube.... it's pissing me off.

I even looked for it in the archives and this is the best i got


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