StarCraft Mass Siege Strategy


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Aug 15, 2012
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This tactic is used mainly in team play. There is another use for this tactic, but it is so lame that I refuse, for professional courtesy, to refer it, although you may find it yourself. It only needs of enough time to tech safely, that’s why it is mainly a team game – your allies must defend you.

This tactic consists of making a few defenses and tech as fast as possible to make siege units. It works better with Humans, because they have the best siege units of the game, however it can also be applied to the other races, with enough practice. While you are making tech, your Hero should be harassing the enemy, so you can buy the time you need to make this a safe tech.

While you are harassing your enemy you will dissuade him to attack you – he must be constantly focused in his defenses against you. If he tries to attack you, it won’t be a problem, your allies can either defend you, or you can have many towers around your base that will do the job.

When you reach tier 2, you build 2 or 3 Workshop’s (depending on the gold you have) and start training Mortars. Training a few Tanks in later
would also be a great idea.

Mortars have a fundamental benefit when it comes to Tanks – they are biologic units, and then you can cast spells such as Bloodlust, Inner Fire, or, my favorite, Invisibility on them. Invisible Mortars are the worse thing your enemy can ever which for; you sneak into his base, destroy his main building (thus making him unable to Teleport and defend it) and then you just destroy everything else, while he watches without being able to do a thing. With this tactic, Tanks are usually used to finish the enemy base (they are very resistant to damage) or to protect you from any air harassing.

If your enemy sees what you are up to, he will start making siege units as well, to destroy your base. Because you have no other units to protect you, you won’t be much difficult to defeat. Also, this leaves a huge lack in your ally’s army – they now must not count on you, they must handle ground, air, ranged and caster units all alone. Although you will give your team a major advantage when assaulting enemy Towns, your Mortars will damage your own allied melee and your siege Tanks will do nothing useful (unless the enemy has air units, which will be great for you, because Tanks are great anti-air units).

This tactic is best with Archimage (to quick teleport you from one place to another), but this hero is very weak, and only feats in team games.
Also, if your enemy has a gem, you will be good as dead, so controlling any items or scouts he may have will be a great idea.


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