Marvel: Ultimate Alliance: Review


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Mix in some nice RPG elements, non-stop action, good graphics and Marvel Superheroes and you've got Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

The combat system is not complex, but it fits. You have two buttons for melee attacks, one grab and a button to jump. There are not many combos in the game, so you will find yourself spamming the same combos over and over. There's a combo to stun, trip, knock upwards into the air and a standard combo.

The selling point of the gameplay is that every hero has his unique special powers. The powers are a great addition, as well as very fun to use. For example, the Human Torch shoots fireballs from his hand. Wolverine jumps with his claws. Spider-man shoots web blasts at people. You gain experience for killing enemies and can upgrade your characters by advancing old powers or investing in new ones.

The story is quite simple. Dr. Doom has enticed every imaginable villain in the galaxy to join his team, by offering them amazing power in return. On the other hand, Colonel Nick Fury gathered together a team of super-heroes to stop Dr. Doom. There are many characters that range from Iron Man to Moon Knight. There are even downloadable characters.

The graphics are aboev average. The characters look good, and the environments are excellent. You visit many known places throughout the Marvel Universe such as, Atlantis, Asgard and Stark Tower, among others. The game also uses a few real-time cut scenes to add to the overall value.

The game adds replayability in the fact that you can start again on a harder difficulty while keeping all of your achievements. You can try out different teams for a slightly different experience every time.

This game is a must own for any Marvel fan.

Dark Blade gives this game a B+.