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Legends & Legacies

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- Four heroes to pick.
- Each hero has four spells that match their class.

- A warrior is the ultimate tank of enduring damage. He loves to taunt his enemies to death and laugh as they fall. He should always be the first one in the battle field engaging the enemy.
1. Shield of Honor: Protects the warrior with a five hundred health point shield to absorb damage from incoming attacks.

- Three more spells coming soon...
- The art of magic is all this hero knows, ranging from summoning spells to just pure damage chaos. His age is unknown but some say he is over four hundred years old. An old man full of wisdom and charisma, his intelligence is beyond genius.
1. Fire Ball: Throws a fire ball at an enemy dealing massive damage.
- Three more spells coming soon...
- True marksmen of his own kind, he has been made bets to hit impossible targets with his bow and became a wealthy man by doing so. His skills with a bow and arrow have never been seen before, noone has ever beat him in a accuracy challenge.
1. Magic Armor: A magical armor that can protect his whole party to reduce incoming damage from any type of attack or spell.
- Three more spells coming soon...
- A holy spirit raised by nuns and priests to follow the path of god. Ever since then she has never seen a battle not go her way. She is a great healer to add into your team and with her by your side you should never fall in battle.
1. Flash of Health: A holy spirit comes from the heavens to heal you and your party.
- Three more spells coming soon...


- Various quests that give a variety of rewards such as gold, experience, or items.

- Items to enhance your combat experince and boost your power.
- Unique spells to synergize with eachother.
- Team work to advance in further of the game.
- Three professions to choose from to boost your income.
1. Lumberer: Harvest wood and sell it for gold.
2. Crystal Gatherer: Pick crystals and sell them for gold.
3. Fishermen: Try your luck at fishing and sell fish for gold.
- Casino to become a rich man or just another bum on the street.
- Leveling up system with unlimited upgrades of armor and damage.

- The Inn - Heal your self here.

Resting at the inn.
- The Item Shop - Buy various items here.
- The Armory - Upgrade your weapons or armor.

- The Casino - Gamble your gold away.
- School - Learn a profession here.
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Final Thoughts:

- This map is in its early stages but it is testable. Right now a solid thirty minutes of gameplay is available to play. I will continue to work on this map I expect to start beta testing heavil in around two weeks maybe less then that. If you wish to test just send me a msg on USEast, I am ETEFT(U) there or just reply here. Questions, comments, queries, concerns, ideas, and suggestions are all welcome. (I realize some of those are the same, just joking a bit.)
- (U)nknowN Productions -