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Aug 10, 2012
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Yesterday Jay Wilson posted a long apology letter in the community. He explained his inappropriate comment 2 days ago. As a public figure and a core of Diablo 3 team, he has to control his temper in any condition.
Apart from the apology and explanation, there is some other information worth mentioning in the message.

First of all, from the content, we can tell that the development team is satisfied with the changes, especially the legendary changes in patch 1.0.4. And they are still exploring new development direction. Also they are tweaking item drop rate, as it relates to the sustainability of the game.

Secondly, Blizzards is considering to add the 'players 8' command and something similar for the next major Diablo III patch to allow players to make up their own minds about how hard or how easy is right for them.

Jay mentioned they were planning more than just PvP for the next major patch (1.10). There will be more contents to be revealed. What will the contents be? Let’s see it together.

To read Jay Wilson’s message, please click here.A Message From Jay - Forums - Diablo III


Jun 26, 2012
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I hadn't heard his original comment. I'm glad he corrected it and apologized, though, because that looks really bad on the whole crew.

I'm intrigued by the player 8 command option they're considering. I still don't think it's going to be enough to keep many people around in the game, though.

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