I'm looking for a new multiplayer game,any suggestions?


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I'm looking for a awesome muliplayer game that you can play online or download and can play offline, I don't really care. I'm a girl but I'm not GIRLY. I love Facebook, I like sports, basketball is my life, I like cats, and I love animals, so an animal game like WolfQuest would be good. The game has to be free.Someone tell me that Dragon's Call is the hot game now.Does anyone who play it?plz tell me is it cool?interesting?I want to play this game and anyone want join with me?Dragon's Call Official Site



I would suggest getting on League of Legends with some friends, I can't recommend it enough. I have met tonnes of girls who play that game, I'd say that there are just as many as boys actually. Check it out! P.S. - Did I mention it's free? :)