I hope your all enjoying Diablo 3!

Chris [Blizzard]

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By now I bet quite a few of you have beat the game on normal and even nightmare difficulty. Did you enjoy it?

A lot of time has passed since I originally posted here about this project, and although things did change from the original plan when I posted 7 years ago (such as the large multi-player aspect we originally aimed for..) we tried to keep the game true to form and I am sure you noticed that.

The story did stay similar over time though, we always planned to rush players into battle with monsters invading the starting area. Diablo does indeed break into the gates of heaven, wrecking havoc and destruction on the angels.

Now let's see everyone beat Infernal mode. :yikes:


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I'm in the beginning of A3 on NM myself on my barb (lvl 44 atm). It's definitely been a challenge just to get this far. Going through again as every other class and none have seemed to pose near the challenge. That's my only gripe, really. As a barb, you get to choose between doing high dps and dying a lot or doing low dps and not dying as much, where every other class just seems to faceroll.

Don't ask where this rant's coming from, I've played too many hours today I suppose. But yes, it's definitely good stuff, and this is from a long time vet of the franchise.


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Hahaha. If he worked for Blizzard he'd probably have a Blizzard email. I have a Facebook email. Then again, I work there.

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I'm not :(
Thank you for this great post. I am fond of the game, and assuming you actually are a blizzard employee, cheers and thank you! Thanks for checking back with this forum after all these years.
At least say why not! Don't just leave us wondering.

I've been enjoying the game a lot, but I've only had it for a few days. I rolled a Monk because I thought they seemed pretty awesome, but I kind of regret choosing a melee character because it feels like a ranged character would have been a lot better to start out with. I hope I get some more time to play soon.


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In the first few weeks, I enjoyed it a lot, but now that I've gotten to Inferno with my Demon Hunter, the game is beginning to become more of a chore than an actual game.
It's an ok game. But I'd enjoy it more if it wasn't so short. It's so inexcusable that games are so short these days yet cost as much as they do now.


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Yeah, games are short. Very short. No more hours and hours of gameplay. Diablo 3 is a game of pure escapism. Absolutely fantastic.

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The game... just.. Doesn't feel like diablo. Not being able to switch acts back and forth in the same game kills me. That is what i liked about D2, switching acts without having to complete teh last quest in the act to go the next one after you've completed it.

You can get face****ed easily with **** gear. Normal is a breeze. NM was kinda a challenge, Hell was... kinda a challenge. I haven't bothered to venture past act 2 in Inferno though.

They've nerfed places to MF really bad. I guess they didn't care at first so their employees could get the drop on the best loots in the game at the start to get all the gold they needed, or items they needed so they could sell on the RMAH.

Uh..... It's very short. I mean there is acheesements to beat each act in under a hour. Easy on normal i'm sure, but trying to do that on inferno might not be fun. (Challenge atleast)

You can't make status updates in D3, which makes my weewee sad :(

Or read status updates.

I've beaten most of the game solo, as a DH, up till Hell Act 2. Since that is probably the most annoying act.

The RNG seems worse here than it was in D2. Way worse.

Needs a gambling feature like D2.

Needs better coding for Elite/Special packs in Inferno.

Given most of these things aren't issues anymore. Most, being almost all aren't fixed. HOW ELSE CAN I FLEX MY EPEEN WITH AWESOME ITEMS IF MY WOW FRIENDS CAN'T SEE THEM?! GAWSH!

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Hi T3h Sorrow, thanks for the constructive criticisms it can be very helpful.

Have you had time to play a bit more since our latest updates and changes to the game?


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No offense man, but there are a lot of people that came and go that should have stayed banned.

I took a bit of hiatus from D3 for about 3 weeks because of work and other games, but I am still enjoying it. I found 2 characters I want to get to p100 (Barb is at p18, haven't started DH yet) and I got about 3k+ in achievement points. 1.0.5 has some nice benefits and I have decided to go back tomorrow.


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I find it scary that I remember your original post all those years ago.

I also find it pretty funny that you remembered this site after all these years.

Chris, if you actually are a Blizzard employee, cheers. If not, well, it's a pretty damn-good troll. =)
LMAO OMFG DUDE ITS LIKE BEEN FOREVER KNOWING CHRIS THAT HAD US ALL BANNED WHEN BLIZZHACKERS SITE WAS POPULAR LOL BACK IN 2003 2004 hahahha omg diablo2 was the shit man =( i miss those days i have so much godly shit on d2 i dont even know wtf to do with it..


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I'm pretty sure he's not from Blizzard, but I think it's time to unban him, because why not.

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D3 is better now, but still not great.


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Oh, it's so hard to go back a few years after the last game. You have to remember everything all over again. My younger brother is into Diablo2, and I'm helping him as an instructor. Found the best diablo 2 builds for my brother, and now I'm remembering what I forgot. Well, here we are, friends, through the first act! Andriel my brother passed without any problems. We activated all the teleporters. We collected the talismans with flying colors. Found a rare ring that gives +2 to the paladin's protective aura skills. Went to Raven a lot, but luckily he didn't spare any runes. I discounted a couple of dozen entry-level runes, and my brother sold them. Now I'm running around the map, and our paladin freezes everyone and kills them. D3 I'll start mastering later.
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