I got banned. Your thoughts?


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You're a true hero, fighting against the vile tyranny known as bureaucracy. How many forums did you post this on?


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So what happened with the last one?

Also, it's clear you don't know how to work customer service people. You need to start calling and talk to managers. If you want to get their attention use twitter as well.
I think someone was looking to be offended.
This is absolutely what it was. Of all the games and communities I've been involved in over the years, WoW players are by far the biggest babies. I'm not sure why this is, but I've found that most people who play WoW are constantly looking for things to complain and whine about. Shycawn you should have seen your ban as a blessing!


That must suck. That's like being banned from Combat Arms for a week, but you aren't compensated for your lost time on weapons. I wish you luck with this appeal and I hope that you actually get this ban removed and get back to WoWing.


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On one hand it must stink to be banned but on the other hand they don't just walk around throwing first come first serve bans. You must of done something wrong to deserve it which is what I think shows in the pictures, and then you try to appeal with management which to be honest unless your a very good talker could end up lengthening your ban. However, best of luck with this!
I've never been banned from a game before. But I agree with the above. You sure you didn't do anything prior to this that served as a first or second warning?


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It seems blizzard support is really bad since the message is like bot generated. And by character names, they should have at least develop a system to counter it.


I can't believe someone reported this in the first place especially since Nagas is a race in Warcraft. As an actually equity studies major I can however give some clarity into why someone would be offended. Nagas is obviously close to that other word, and I'm sure you know since you made the name the act of stealing a bike is stereotypical to a certain race. So while the name does not say specifically, it still does imply a certain racial stereotype.

However, like I said earlier I can't believe someone reported it as it is quite a good play on words in a warcraft universe style. It was quite a clever name.


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Huh, that is so incredibly lame to see. Oh, well I hope you manage to get the ban lifted sooner rather than later.


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I am wondering, why make a guild name like that in the first place? Is it amusing? Back to the topic, as whatever your guild name implies, I don't think it's a strong enough implication due to the fact that it's a real race in the game. You should be compensated.


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That is truly complete bull. I really don't see any point at all for them to be banning you for something as little as a guild name that doesn't violate any rules. I thank you for fighting against it and showing Blizzard that you can't just ignore such things that they do.