How To Improve The Dragon’s Cure Pot In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


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In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, players need to defeat many opponents to survive. This is why the ability to heal is very important in the game. The Dragon’s Cure Pot will be your primary method of healing in the game, which recovers the player’s health whenever you need a top-up. So some players might want to know how to improve the capabilities of their Dragon’s Cure Pot. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know.

You will use two items to upgrade the Dragon’s Cure Pot. You can pick these up as you explore, so be thorough!

Dragon Vein Crystal: This item will increase the number of times you can heal. The default number of heals is three, so you’ll want to start increasing this as soon as possible. Also, stop by a Battle Flag if you are low on heals! If you die, you will lose half of your Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Genuine Qi and must defeat the opponent who killed you to get it back. You will also lose any morale points you’ve gained beyond what you have fortified.

Dragon Vein Essence: This item will increase how much one use of the Dragon’s Cure Pot will heal you. As you level up, your health will increase regardless of what build you decide to go for. At some point, you will need to use Dragon Vein Essence if you want to heal yourself effectively.

Both of these items can be found while exploring the various Battlefields that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has to offer, but still manages to sneak plenty of nooks, crannies, and hidden paths within its levels, and it’s here where you can find items like the Dragon Vein Crystal or the Dragon Vein Essence. If you’re planning on Dominating an area anyway, which is the act of finding and planting all Battle and Marking Flags before beating the area boss, you’ll likely find these items naturally.

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