Hi, I'm Old to the Forums!


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Heh, just realized I never did one of these...

I've been here for a few months, and have seen the forums grow from a small community to a nice jumble of spam and eggs. I doubt any of you know me since I'm a very inactive user that most of you have very little interaction with.

My favorite areas are The Void where I usually go to boost my post count when I do post, and 'The Asylum' where I find more material to use in my letters to my girlfriend.

For those of you that haven't already heard... I 0wn SkuZZy's wife, dog, and redneck sister.


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lo cort i have done 1 of these yet either lol i think ill start one...nvm to much effort


i dont like gundam and i think DBZ is for kids (zoids owns the mall but i wana know how to make a fourm and im looking for a ******* bot ( i sesored the *** thingys my self ll


i allso think total newbie gose good wit hmy pix thx to Cortaos i know how to do this thingy with pix welp ile hit refresh till i see an snswer


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sixteen posts later he realized this place is actually not all that interesting