Handy WoW links

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Talent/Quest/NPC/Item help

Wowhead: Complete list of item, quests, sets, spells, objects, zones, factions all with fast load times. Also comes with a regular talent calculator and a Burning Crusade talent calculator. Excellent for maintenance nights where there is a heavy load on the official WoW website.

World of Warcraft: The official WoW website. Contains absolutely everything you need to know about WoW. From reputation rewards to previous patch notes, this website has got it all, except quest help.

MMO-Champion: Here's where you'll find your updates (official and unofficial) for WoW. Sometimes gets them posted before Blizzard because things get leaked. Shows blue posts, PTR videos, PTR patch notes and builds and houses a huge about of speculation on upcoming expansions/playable races/zones/etc.

WoWwiki: Definately worth the time to sift through this website. If you see anything that's incorrect, you can fix it!

WoW Europe: For those of you unlucky enough to live in Europe, this is the site you're after. Alternatively, if you're lucky enough to not live in Europe then you can laugh at this website :)

Allakhazam: An alternative to Thottbot. You may prefer this site, although i've found it has longer load times.

WarCry: Another World of Warcraft database, has instance/dungeon guides, very helpful!

Stratics: Another World of Warcraft database, be sure to check out the WoW personality quiz!

WoW.com: I mainly use this site to read random articles while bored. Has a lot of guides to just about everything.

UI/Mods/Addons downloading

Curse: This is pretty much the only addon downloader you will want. Get the Curse Client and search for addons. You wont need anything else.

WoWPals: Discover WoW players near you, recruit them, share updates through Twitter and make friends!

If anyone has anything to add or fix, please PM me. (Updated 23/07/09)
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