Warcraft Gryphons and Hawks Strategy


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Aug 15, 2012
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This tactic is about Humans. I decided to create my last article about them because I feel I am not telling you much about this wonderful race. This tactic is 100% air borne, thus it carries the air advantages and disadvantages that they carry.

This tactic consists of tech to tier 2 as fast as possible, build a few Gryphon Aviaries (2 normally) and then start harassing while making tech to tier 3. In this tactic the player focuses his attention in building Even Riders (Hawks) and Gryphons. Gryphons are the best air unit Humans have, and they air the best middle air-air / air-ground unit the game has. While it is not to expensive, it can deal great amount of damage, and it can be massed relatively easily. While the Gryphons do the job, the Hawks are there mainly to protect and defend them against any thread.

The Gryphons benefit from many Human upgrades, and in tier 3 you can increase their hit points even more, thus making of them the “Taurens of the Air”. They have considerable magic damage, and they are relatively cheap and fast to build. If you have problems, you can use your Hawks to protect them. When attacking Towns with heavy defenses you can also use the Hawk’s fog ability, and allow your Gryphons to do their job.

In an ultimate situation, because you are playing with Humans, you can also build a Workshop and train a few Copter or Tanks to aid you – they both benefit from some of you Gryphon upgrades.

The Gryphons are like the Elfish Chimeras, but they can attack both air and ground and have less damage. What does this mean? This means that you can use The Mountain King to stun your enemy, and they finish him, it is much like playing with Night Elfs.

There are few tactics that represent a menace once you reached a balance with this tactic.

However, there is one race that can do heavy damage to your ranks – The Undead. The Undead with their Spiders are a dangerous thread to your army – when grounded, your units won’t benefit from their air advantage and they will have their attack range reduced. So the only way of countering this, is to kill all Spiders first, before doing anything else. This is way better if you have a melee ally to aid you, with some melee units.

Another possible thread to this tactic is, guess what, fighting another Human player using the same tactic. When so, you must take advantage of your items; air supremacy will be easier if your units are better, you can even use the Human casters. Finally, there is the danger inerrant to any air strategy - the fact that you will not be ready to defend your Hero versus an heavy army of melee units. To compensate, you can always choose strong Heroes, such as the Paladin (due his aura and shield), however, once they are down, there is little to do.

This was my last article. I hope you enjoyed reading my strategies, and that some day, you may become great players. I will be very happy, if some day, you guys find me, and share your opinion with me as it will mean, that all my effort was not a waste of time.


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