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King Endymion
Guild. Name?

GPD: Resurrected (unofficial)

Alturus Branch

We are here to protect the peace and order of Gaia. We are the Alturus Branch, an (unoficial) branch of the Gaian Police Department. Though we are awaiting approval, we know it will come. Do not post here (as a member) until you PM me, get a response, and I add you to the list. Edymion has created this in conjuction with his ally, Tacitus, as part of their revere for the GPD.

The standard rules apply.

1) Do not GM
2) Follow the AMP
3) Do not force me to bring in a mod :stare:
4) Fully read the first 6 posts!

Officer's Code

As an Officer of the AB, I hereby serve the people of Gaia, protect them from harm, and defend them from any dangers that they may or may not know about. Serve, Protect, Defend. I am an officer.

{all GPD rankings apply}

(order from Greatest to Least)
Deputy Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner
Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Chief Superintendent
Chief Inspector

News and Announcements
:!: Very Important :idea: Important :arrow: Old :heart: Wedding

:!: Sunday, April 04, 2004 -- Alturus Branch is open for business!

Ally Guilds

Enemy Guilds

Wanted List

To Join

PM me the following information:

Name: John/Jane Doe
Age: John/Jane Doe's age
Gender: John or Jane? (male of female :stare: )
Height: How tall is John/Jane Doe?
Weight: How much does John/Jane Doe weight?
Strengths: Where does John/Jane Doe's strength lie? Balance with below
Weaknesses: Where does John/Jane Doe suffer the most? Balance with above
Brief Description: What does John/Jane Doe look like?
Brief History: What is important to know about John/Jane Doe?
Attitude: How does John/Jane Doe act?
Past Relations/Affiliates: Who has John/Jane Doe know, friend, foe, or neutral aquantence?

Names Alphabetically Ordered

Central Command

Dorm Leaders

Section Leaders


Building Description

As the entirety of the facilty exists within Tacitus and Torment's self-contained demi-plane known as the Aegis, what is seen from the outside is unimportant. For appearances sake, however...

{under five members}

In order to get in, you must "pass" the test of the buzz-in system. Thanks to the special properties of the Aegis, it is almost impossible to invade. The Aegis has a slight intelligence about it, and it can detect if you are a member or not. You'll enter a simple, empty room if you are not a member or given permission to enter.

You see an ordinary enough looking house in Barton. It is unimpressive, but you get a sense of something more as you approach. There appear to be only two entrances/exits to the building -- one each for the front and back.

However, upon entering, the sense of space becomes truely distorted. It feels as if the building is much, much larger than the outside might suggest. There are multiple rooms, and each seem ready to respond to Edymion or Tacitus' will. The first room you enter is the commons area. There is a full entertainment system with everything you could imagine. There is a kitchen just beyond that. On either side of the commons area, there are two rooms. They are labeled "Operations Room", "Jail Cells", "Training", and "Offices". There is only one door labeled "Exit", and, to it's right, there is a door labeled "Restricted".

The other rooms are nothing special. The Operations Room is where members can meet and discuss things, including a mission that is about to be undertaken. The Jail Cells room is, well, where prisoners are kept under lock and key. The Training room is a room specially designed to for anyone to train in at any time. The Offices are where certain, high ranking individuals will get to take care of their business.


The building which is used as a shell for the (guildname) has several defenses set up by Torment from the Aegis of Torment. They are as follows:

Teleportation Anchors: These magical Anchors stop Teleportation into or out of a mile radius from the exact center of the facility. They also stop any attempts at Teleportation within their Sphere of influence.

Extradimensional Eddies: Any attempt to use a means of transportation through planeswalking or a planar Gate will have a 50% chance to either fail, being returned to their starting location, or be ripped to shreds and what was left of their physical form scattered across the multiverse. They also stop any attempts at Planar Walking within their Sphere of influence.

Elemental Turrets: Placed in specific locations around the building are small disks. When a threat is detected, these disks will activate, creating a large spire of Force energies. These spires will fire either streams or balls of elemental energy, guided by a Magical Tracking system inlaid within the disks. The type of Elemental energy can be chosen on the same control panel in Edymion's office and Tacitus' Office.

Defensive Turrets:
PXY621: Like the PXY534 Pulse rifle, except slightly larger. It retains the three firing modes but the charge time on the Plasma fire increases slightly. These turrets are placed both inside and outside, hanging from above.

Flamer Turrets: These are just small devices that spew napthine fused with Palmine, better known as Napalm. These are placed sparingly. These are both inside and outside.


Poisonous Cloud: A permanent hanging cloud fills a corridor, but disperses for employees/members. Used for restricted areas.

Negative Energy Field: This field is made to operate in a corridor, it creates wave after wave of Negative energies. Negative energy has no effect against inorganic creatures, but it wreaks havoc against anything biological, passing straight through normal armors.

GT KN: Like the AR KN's Grenade launcher feature, this turret has specially loaded grenades that have explosion radii that have been tested to ensure minimal damage to the structure of the guild. They have the small compliment of Grenades as the rifle, but with an added Francium Needler which sends out many small shards of metal at high speed. When Francium comes in contact with water it reacts extremely violently, causing very dangerous explosions. Note: The human body is 97% water, as are nearly all other carbon based life forms.

The Questions And Answer Section

Members' $0.02


The Oldest
ok, I'm not going to edit it right yet, but I'd like to suggest simulating some of the stuff from the GPD, like the officer's code, ranks, certain things you know?

I'm seeing if Akule won't make the rank banners


King Endymion
I'd added the defenses and description. What else do you have in mind?


The Oldest

I, Tacitus, have tried my hardest to keep the GPD alive, and I have almost run out of options. My last option is this. I have started this new branch in conjunction with a longstanding friend, Edymion. I encourage those of you who wish to rid Gaia of evil, for the lack of a better word, and bounty hunters, provided they follow the rules of society, to join. My only goal is to breathe new life into the GPD. While the original will still exist, see this as an arm of the GPD. In my branch I would like to emphasize on magic users, but this is only a simple request that you can disregard completely.

Also, even though Edymion may not be a true member of the original GPD, I would like those of you from the original GPD whom encounter him here to treat him with respect. He helps to run this branch and deserve respect.


King Endymion
This is what you gave for building size increases. You said you wanted to discuss.

Under 5: The front door is the only one leading to the FT, and once inside the FT it looks like a small room with a few small cells, nothing major, just what we'd need in order to carry out small activities.

5-19: The Building would become a small Keep, complete with cells, several rooms, including a training room that warps to fit the type of training the user at the time needs, a pair of restrooms, and a small kitchen.

20-49: The building would become a miulitary compoun on the inside with small pad lifting people between the 3 levels, which can be describes when we get closer to that many members.

50+ unknown,...well, not thought up yet.

Most of that seems mute now... This is what I have.

Under 5: what we have

5 - 19: you can decide on outer, but I think we should add a "second floor" for member's rooms

20 - 49: again, you can decide the outer, but I think we should add a third floor for anything else we think we need...

50+: we need to brainstorm...


The Oldest
5-19:Outer: Don't think we need much, and it can't change by force of will, so for now, lets just leave it.
Inner: Yeah, second story for small rooms, only able to be opened by those to whom it belongs or who is given permission to enter. main bathrooms downstairs, but a shower in each room.

20-49: Outer: I think maybe we can move to a larger building that has a lobby and many doors that go nowhere (some leading to a room with stuff for people to die in), with a single one, guarded that leads to the Aegis. Receptionist to greet people and direct them.
Inner: Change rooms to have full private bathrooms

Outer: The same palce as above, but gets fully decked out so that the outer is as bad as the inner. Lockdown system initiated.
Inner: Selective Anti-magic (self spells only work), larger, many training rooms, medical bay, magical restoration room (restores spells and divine energies), etc.


King Endymion
That sounds good. We can work on the very detailed version later. I think I know where this is going...
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