Good idea?... I hope :p

I was just thinkin while I was uh i dont know what you kiddies call it anymore.. "h4x0r1ng"? Well I was droppin a server to steal the pw when it rebooted because some guy mothed off he had a dupe on his server to my friend :p... anyway, what if we use a program to lag whatever server we are on on Diablo? I mean you have the IP if you .netstat when your in game... then cause server side lag and do shiznit that might cause you to bug items into your inventory and record it with snifferxp or w/e module you want to use, then make that module and distribute it along with the program you used to lag the server :D

Thought I'd let my thoughts drift into that of your brains to help you think of ways to illegally exploit the servers :p

Good Idea? or No?
How do you plan to "lag" the server. Aint like there is a "lag" packet. Only thing I could think of is to DoS the server, but that would get you in trouble.
well first use a program like say Windows 9x IPDaemon... it

"is an IP spoofer that gives a fake identity on any given port when logging into identd requested servers."

Then once you are on battlenet netstat the server you are on, use PNewq... it

"sends FIN flood attacks to a given port to crash or severely lag a server."

I'm pretty sure Blizz would catch on to that fast, if all their servers were lagging like shyt. I bet they even have snitches on these forums right now working to make their servers un-hackable by reading what you guys are posting. Seriously, all they have to do is read the forums, we find all the ways of getting around their protection, and as soon as they read a thread, BAM they have fixed it :p