Golden Sun: Gardens of Fate


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Jun 11, 2003
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Ilya, city of stone.
Hey all. I'm once again hukt on Golden Sun so here is an RPG


-NO original characters from Golden Sun may be used
-No Spamming
-No n00bs
-Money system is currently disabled
-Have a good intro for your character

The time setting starts 3 years before the present day of the RP. the original party (Isaac, Garet and Jenna) are rounding up people to help Felix in a far off city. Our party however, will be in the city of Jadd during the giant rain storm.

There are 4 Djinni (Elements) in this story
-Venus (Earth)
-Mars (Fire)
-Jupiter (Wind)
-Mercury (Water)
Each changes your class depending on how many Djinni you collect.

I will play as

Name: Nef Isen
Age: (13 intro) 16
Hair Color: Red
Eye color: Hazel Brown
Gender: Male
Element: Mars (Fire)
Class: Squire
Class Changes: Guard, Brute, Knight
Weapon: (Intro: machete [all characters use in intro]) Broadsword
Armor: (Intro: Tunic) Leather Armor.
Abilities: Cross Slash
Psyenergy: Move, Retreat, Fire, Juggle, Catch

Psyenergy is "Magic" only Adepts can use or see. humans see things move by themselves wheras an adept would see a giant hand pushing the object when using Move.

There are many Psyenergies and each person is different.
Common Psyenergies are
-Move (Earth)
-Mind Read (Wind)
-Frost (Water)
-Fume (Fire)

The intro will take place in Jadd during the rainstorm. i will add in cities later.

Enjoy people.

Nef wakes up to the sound of thunder. He looks around his room in his tiny house in the village of Jadd. He runs his fingers through his long red hair and his young eyes peer through his bedroom window. The rain is heavy, its wrath practicly cracking the windows. Nef sits up in his bed and uses catch to retreive his clothes from the hooks on the wall. he gets changed into his tunic and cloak and stands up on the hardwood floor. He was a young boy of 13 and had few friends. Some people scoffed at him because he let his hair grow to an outrageous length of to the middle of his back. He was strong for a child, one of the strongest in the village. He decided to go find his friends in the village so he strapped his machete to his belt and set off into the rainstorm.

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