GoD - Guardians of Dolemn New AoS Map!


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GoD - Guardians of Dolmen New AoS Map!

Guardians of Dolmen is a AoS type map I've been working on and have put in a lot of work. Hopefully people will enjoy it because of the amount of time I put into it :). First of all there is sixteen heroes you can pick from, each hero has three spells to battle their enemies with and upgrade them to become even stronger. Their is seven items to purchase in the item shop and also a dueling arena to 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc. The concept is simple, eliminate the other teams base and win, it has many concepts from DotA such as FIRST BLOOD and unlimited lives. Right now the map is in BETA mode which means it has ten out of twenty heroes playable and six out of seven items working and ready to be purchased. If you guys like what you read here in this thread and want me to post the BETA on SEN I'd be happy to, currently I've been playing the BETA with pubbies / SEN members and the feedback was exceptional.
(Short descriptions, I will write more in-depth descriptions at a later date.)
1. Gulcheria: A wicked witch of the west who loves destroying her enemies and leaving them scarred for life. She loves dark magic and practices it religiously on her unlucky foes who are battling her.

- Fire Ball
- Spitting Toxic
- Darkness Around Us!
2. Montu: Fierce warrior raised on the arts of combat, he is the superior combat hero one can dream of. His spells are all specialized in the in the art of close combat fighting, you never want to be near Montu if he has a bone to pick with you.

- Battle Taunt
- Iron Skin
- War Stomp

3. Meditrina: A holy hero who loves god to it's fullest. She was raised by a nun in a orphanage and always had religion driven into her. Her spells are the best option to rely on when in need of health in the battle field. Meditrina is the ultimate support/healer hero to be.
- Meditrina's Holy Strikes
- Healing Wave
- Heal The World

4. Night Crawler: One with the night, he haunts his enemies with darkness and invisiblity never knowing when he will strike. Vulnerable during day when he becomes visible but at night he is the one to fear.
- Cloud of Smoke
- Blink
- Multi-Strike

5. Necromancer: An evil summoner who loves to raise dead minions to aid him in battle. Skeletons are his best friend and they are a very deadly and dangerous force to be messed with. Never make him angry or you might just be banished to a place you would never dream of entering.
- Spawn Skeleton
- Raise The Fallen
- Death Trap

6. Rambo: Who doesn't know who Rambo is? The ultimate warrior of combat, the man who can annihilate a whole army filled with guns and grenades, he is one force of destruction! Fully equipped with the items he needs to simply devastate you with ease.
- Plant C-4
- Grenade
- Gut Shot

7. Maniac: He was instituted at a mental asylum since age two and never released. When he turned twenty six he escaped and was never heard from again. Maniac is now on a killing spree for all the years spent in that dreaded asylum and shows no mercy.
- Paranoia
- Furious Strikes
- Crazed State

8. Timothy Murphy: For you history buffs, he was known as a famous sniper. Now he fights in the field of Dolmen to snipe his enemies with his beloved rifle. Timothy is truly a marksman of his own kind, he can shoot a fish in a ocean.. yes a ocean.
- Scout
- Rapid Fire
- Head Shot

9. Smokey Da Bear: Hey kid's you all gotta remember Smokey! Once he lived to prevent people from smoking now he causes pain to his enemies with fire! Smokey is one lean mean smoking machine.
- Flaming Presence
- Gas & Fire From Above
- Need A Light?

10. Mechanic: Handy man doing his duties at one hundred percent. Yet he is a more craftier mechanic then one can imagine. He is also a longley one aswell, being that his best friend is a.. droid!
- Split Personality
- Best Friend Dave
- I Have A Tank!

11. Magician: A magical hero who unleashes powerful spells at his enemies. Even when you think you have escaped with your life, The Magician always has a trick up his sleeve.
- Magic Shock
- Rabbits? Kinda...
- Now You See Me

12. Anaconda: A vicious eight legged creature who spawns spiderlings to aid him and if you make him really mad he just might give you his poision juice.
- Venomous Strikes
- Spiderling
- Anacondas Hold

13. Chumtoad: A hideous creature who is known to stay under ground and only come out when he needs to. If you pay Chumtoad a visit in his underground lair, you will never be able to leave.
- Shield of Blood
- Cloud of Gas
- Spine Burst

Three more heroes to be added.

1. Health Potion - A potion to use while in battle.
2. Mana Potion - Restores your mana while in battle.
3. Teleport - Teleports you back to town after five seconds.
4. Staff of Mana - Increases your mana.
5. Mana Stone - Increases your mana regeneration.
6. Dust of Vision - Allows you to use your scanner to see invisible units.
7. Teleport To Mid - Teleports you to the middle of the battle field.
8. Jeweled Staff of Mana - When Mana Stone and Staff of Mana is combined it makes the items even stronger increasing mana regeneration and mana capacity.
Max of four items in inventory.
Max of four items in inventory.

1. Twenty heroes with three unique spells each.
2. Dueling arena to battle your foes!
3. Gateway casting / Inventory system.
4. Level up system.
5. Items to help you conquer the battle field.
6. Synergizing spells for heroes to combine and own.
7. Various battles always different in each game.
8. Day and Night system, if it is day you are visioned with all the enemy heroes and CPU player, making Night Crawler attackable and burrowed units. When night time you are unable to see your enemies and CPU enemy making Night Crawler not visible to attack unless you have anti-invis items/spells.
9. Kicking system, if you have an intentional feeder or just an annoying idiot, kick him with a team vote.
10. Fight Keres a boss just like in HoN with Kongor, except when you slay Keres you get a great amount of gold.
Screen Shots:​
1. I got ya!

2. No I don't :(

3. Need A Light?

4. It got hot in here.

5. Just Farming ^^

6. Tag Team

7. Pure Ownage

8. Can't "Tuch" this apparently...

Ending Thoughts:​
I would like to thank xYoshix for such awesome terrain and to all the testers much kudos to you, remember if you want to test this just send me a whisper on USEast im on as ETEFT(U) and also if you want me to post the beta on here reply back, thanks!