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G-tec paintball for warcraft 3 reign of chaos

Discussion in 'Warcraft Maps, Patches & Mods' started by friendlyfar, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. friendlyfar

    friendlyfar Guest

    hello people im remaking a map that i made but i reformatted and lost it. it didnt take long but i found it fun because it was the only map i made. The only other i know who had it as my friend and he hosted games and gave it out but my router is screwy and wont open ports. But i reformatted cause our hard drive crashed and it was lost so i need help recreating if anyone will help email briankiller5@msn.com and ill send it over. My friend lost it and we dont know anyone else who played. i just need help with a couple triggers ill send over what i got and ill make the custom chars myself.

    email me and ill ask u what i need help with

    thank you
  2. l33t 0n3

    l33t 0n3 Member!

    Aug 12, 2002
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    you could join a game with it, you dont need any open ports for that. the only need for an opened port on wc3 is to host.
  3. friendlyfar

    friendlyfar Guest

    its gone now im re-creating it and i fixed my ports ty