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From this study, it is evident that cosplay can give participants pleasurable experiences, meaningful memories, self-gratification, and personal fulfillment. Through this participatory activity, cosplayers can momentarily escape from reality and enter into their imaginative world. CCosplay It is a form of role/identity-transformation from an “ordinary person” to a “super hero,” from a “game player” to a “performer,” and from “adulthood” to “childhood.” I contextualize four cosplay elements: (1) anime and manga cosplayers, (2) social settings, (3) character and role-playing, and (4) dress, which includes clothing or costumes, makeup, wigs or hairstyles, jewelry, and accessories. Wanda Costume Last, I offer an introduction to the anime and manga cosplay social structures (i.e., interactions, environments, and experiences) in order to provide the reader with an awareness of the complexities and dynamics of the cosplay world.