Force guests to register to get to some parts of the forum.

Force guests to become members to view certain parts of the site.

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Force guests to register to get to some parts of the forum.

I think it will promote more members.

(26 members and 960 guests)


Just a thought. What do you think?

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All you would have to do is say there's hidden hacks in this forum, REGISTER NOW! Badabing?


First we need content for people to actually want to register, such as anything downloadable. If they can't quickly get the information they need then not only do we not get a new member (that would only register to view the information, and not to post), but we would likely lose the guest as well. There are plenty of sites that offer [better] information than we do, why the guests don't go there in the first place is beyond me.


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Just because they join doesn't mean they will post a single thing. Most will join to see other sections, or just ignore the site all together
Considering we already went down this route with Max and it drove off a good portion of the "guests" that visited the site for about a week until he removed it, I'm thinking it's not a good idea.


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If you have key content like guides or something, then yes allow it.

But I think to avoid any banterings, we better keep it a no.

Also, half those guests maybe Search Engine spiders, the core of any search engine like Google or Ask.
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